Tonight Sarah suggested we try the new place in Charleston, Two Flowers, on the corner of Rt. 16 and Douglas Ave. (First set of lights coming into town.) Two Flowers is a small place within the Worthington Inn. The atmosphere is cozy with a really nice view of the trees across Rt. 16 from the restaurant. It’s going to be a beautiful view in a few weeks when the leaves turn.

We’d had lunch at Two Flowers a week or so ago and it was good, although the service was spotty. No such problems tonight. Chalk it up to opening week. Tonight was the first normal night of serving dinner after the grand opening last night. Luckily for us there were two major functions on campus, so there was no wait at the restaurant.

We opened with the Spinach Dip appetizer. It was very good, although it could have had more bread. We asked for more and the staff was happy to oblige. Let me say again, the service tonight was excellent. For entrees Sarah ordered the Scorpio Grilled Chicken over bowtie pasta with feta and tomato in a Bechamel sauce. I was envious. It was really good. I had the Ribeye, which was also quite good. What made my meal were the smoked potatoes. I can’t explain why, but they were to-die-for. Basically roasted potatoes with a dipping sauce that is pure heaven.  I had two glasses of a great Malbec (very generous pours) which really brought everything together. To top it all off, we split a dark chocolate mousse for dessert. Delicious.

Charleston finally has a gourmet restaurant. Spread the word.